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Reliable schedule of prayer times for Kaohsiung, Taiwan for today and the current month - . The exact start time of each five mandatory prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) is calculated according to the Muslim World League method. Asr-Salah period is determined according to Shafi’i Madhhab. You can change the calculation methods used in the .

About Namaz and Prayer Times in Kaohsiung

Namaz, also known as Salah, holds great importance in the lives of Muslims. It is a form of prayer that Muslims perform five times a day as a way to connect with Allah, seek His guidance, and express their gratitude. Regardless of where Muslims find themselves, they always strive to fulfill their duty of offering Namaz at its designated times.

In the vibrant city of Kaohsiung, which is located in southern Taiwan, Muslims also have the opportunity to practice their faith by observing the five daily prayers. Despite being a minority community in this region, Muslims in Kaohsiung have established mosques and prayer facilities that cater to their spiritual needs.

Kaohsiung Mosque, also known as the Kaohsiung Islamic Center, is the main mosque in the city. This mosque serves as a gathering place for Muslims, offering a serene environment for worship, as well as providing religious and social services. It is open to both locals and expatriate Muslims, who come from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Muslims in Kaohsiung follow the Islamic prayer times, which are determined based on the position of the sun. These times change daily due to the movement of the sun throughout the year. The five daily prayers are named Fajr (before sunrise), Dhuhr (after midday), Asr (in the afternoon), Maghrib (just after sunset), and Isha (during the night).

To ensure that they do not miss any prayer, Muslims in Kaohsiung rely on various resources such as Islamic calendars, smartphone applications, or the guidance provided by the local mosque. These resources provide accurate prayer times specific to the city’s geographic location and the current time of the year.

Muslims in Kaohsiung are committed to fulfilling their religious obligations and finding solace in their prayers. They actively participate in congregational prayers at the mosque whenever possible and also make efforts to establish a sense of community by organizing religious events and gatherings.

Living in a multicultural city like Kaohsiung, Muslims in the area appreciate the diverse cultural and religious landscape. They strive to foster interfaith dialogue, promote understanding, and share their faith with others. By practicing their religion and observing Namaz diligently, Muslims in Kaohsiung contribute to the religious diversity and richness of the city.

Overall, Namaz serves as a constant reminder for Muslims in Kaohsiung to stay connected to their faith, seek guidance, and find inner peace. It is a powerful practice that brings Muslims together in this cosmopolitan city, reinforcing their commitment to their religion and fostering a sense of unity among its practitioners.

Where to pray in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung, the vibrant city located in southern Taiwan, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse religious practices. Among the various religious sites, mosques hold a special place for the Muslim community residing in the city. In this article, we will explore some of the prominent mosques in Kaohsiung.

1. Kaohsiung Mosque

Located in the bustling Lingya District, Kaohsiung Mosque is the largest and most well-known mosque in the city. Built in 1949, it serves as a spiritual and cultural center for the Muslim community. The mosque’s architectural design is a fusion of traditional Islamic and Chinese elements, making it a unique and visually appealing landmark in Kaohsiung.

2. Al Markaz Mosque

Situated in the Sanmin District, Al Markaz Mosque is another significant mosque in Kaohsiung. Established in 2004, it caters to the growing Muslim population in the area. Al Markaz Mosque offers regular prayers, religious classes, and community events, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among its members.

3. Cheng Ching Lake Mosque

Located near the tranquil Cheng Ching Lake, this mosque is a peaceful retreat for Muslims in Kaohsiung. Its serene surroundings and beautiful architecture make it a popular destination for both worshippers and visitors. The Cheng Ching Lake Mosque also organizes various cultural and educational activities, promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding.

4. Ahong Mosque

Situated in the Qianzhen District, Ahong Mosque is yet another mosque catering to the Muslim community in Kaohsiung. Established in 1993, it provides religious services and facilities to both residents and visitors. The mosque’s peaceful ambiance and welcoming atmosphere make it an important place for Muslims to connect with their faith and fellow community members.

5. I-Shou University Mosque

Located within the campus of I-Shou University, this mosque serves as a center for religious activities and Islamic education for the university’s Muslim students and faculty. It provides a convenient place for daily prayers and serves as a hub for fostering intercultural understanding and cooperation among students from diverse backgrounds.

These mosques in Kaohsiung not only provide a place for Muslims to worship but also serve as important cultural and educational centers. They actively engage in promoting interfaith dialogue, organizing community events, and providing social services for both the Muslim community and the wider society.

Visitors to Kaohsiung can explore these mosques to witness the beauty of Islamic architecture, learn about Islamic traditions, and engage in cultural exchange. The open and inclusive nature of these mosques makes them welcoming to people of all faiths who are interested in learning more about the Islamic culture and religion.

In conclusion, the mosques in Kaohsiung are not only places of worship but also important cultural and educational centers for the Muslim community. These mosques play a crucial role in fostering religious harmony, cultural understanding, and community development in the city. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, a visit to these mosques is a great opportunity to experience the rich diversity of religions and cultures in Kaohsiung.

Prayer Times in Kaohsiung

Namaz times in Kaohsiung for June 2024

Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha

Frequently Asked Questions about Salah

What time is the Fajr morning prayer starts in Kaohsiung?

The time of Fajr prayer in Kaohsiung is performed today from 03:49 to 05:15 hours

When can I pray Dhuhr Namaz in Kaohsiung today?

The time of Dhuhr namaz (Midday Salah) in Kaohsiung is starting at 12:01 and ending at 15:19 o'clock

What time is Asr salah time today in Kaohsiung?

Asr time starts at 15:19 and goes out at 18:46 o'clock

When Azan calling Maghrib time in Kaohsiung today?

The Maghrib prayer times in Kaohsiung today: 18:46 - 20:08

What are the timings for Isha salah today in Kaohsiung?

Adhan calling for Isha time will be at 20:08 o'clock today
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