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Reliable schedule of prayer times for Cairo, Egypt for today and the current month - . The exact start time of each five mandatory prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) is calculated according to the Muslim World League method. Asr-Salah period is determined according to Hanafi Madhhab. You can change the calculation methods used in the .

About Namaz and Prayer Times in Cairo

Namaz is the Islamic prayer that Muslims perform five times a day. It is an essential part of the Islamic faith and is a way to connect with Allah (God) and seek guidance and blessings. Muslims in Cairo, Egypt, also perform Namaz regularly, and the city has several mosques where they can pray and offer their supplications.

The prayer times in Cairo vary throughout the year depending on the position of the sun. The first prayer of the day, Fajr, is performed before dawn, while the second, Dhuhr, is performed at noon. The third prayer, Asr, is offered in the afternoon, while the fourth prayer, Maghrib, is performed just after sunset. The final prayer of the day, Isha, is offered at night.

Muslims in Cairo are very particular about observing the prayer times, and they make sure to plan their day accordingly. They often carry a prayer mat with them, which they can use to pray anywhere they find themselves during the time of prayer. This is especially helpful for those who are at work or school during prayer times.

In Cairo, the most famous mosque is the Al-Azhar Mosque, which is one of the oldest Islamic universities in the world. It is a significant site for Muslims and is visited by many tourists who come to see its beautiful architecture and learn about Islamic culture. Other famous mosques in Cairo include the Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Sultan Hassan Mosque, and the Al-Hussein Mosque.

In conclusion, Namaz is an integral part of the Islamic faith, and Muslims in Cairo take great care to observe the prayer times and perform their prayers regularly. The city has many mosques where Muslims can pray and connect with Allah, and it is a beautiful sight to see the faithful performing their prayers throughout the day.

Where to pray in Cairo

Cairo, famously known as the City of a Thousand Minarets, is home to numerous mosques, each with its unique architecture, history, and significance. These mosques serve as religious, cultural, and social centers, attracting locals and tourists alike. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular mosques in Cairo.

1. Al-Azhar Mosque

Established in 970 AD, Al-Azhar Mosque is one of the oldest and most prestigious mosques in the world. Located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, Al-Azhar is a center for Islamic learning and has played a vital role in shaping Islamic history and thought. The mosque’s architecture is a blend of different Islamic styles, with its distinctive minarets and domes.

2. Ibn Tulun Mosque

Named after its founder, Ahmad Ibn Tulun, the Ibn Tulun Mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in Cairo. Built in 876 AD, the mosque’s unique architecture features a massive central courtyard, a spiraling minaret, and ornate decorations. The Ibn Tulun Mosque is an excellent example of Islamic architecture and is a must-visit for anyone interested in Islamic history and culture.

3. Sultan Hassan Mosque

Built-in the 14th century, Sultan Hassan Mosque is another iconic mosque in Cairo. The mosque’s grandeur and size are awe-inspiring, with its towering minarets and intricate designs. The mosque was constructed to serve as a mosque, school, and mausoleum, and its architecture reflects this multifunctional purpose.

4. Muhammad Ali Mosque

Also known as the Alabaster Mosque, the Muhammad Ali Mosque is located in the Citadel of Cairo and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. Built-in the 19th century, the mosque’s distinctive Ottoman-style architecture features two minarets and a large dome. The Muhammad Ali Mosque offers spectacular views of Cairo and is a popular tourist spot.

5. Al-Hussein Mosque

Located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, Al-Hussein Mosque is considered one of the holiest mosques in Egypt. The mosque is named after Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and is believed to be built on the site where Hussein’s head was buried. The mosque’s architecture is a blend of different styles, with its colorful tiles, intricate carvings, and beautiful domes.

In conclusion, Cairo is home to numerous mosques, each with its unique history, architecture, and significance. These mosques not only serve as religious centers but also as cultural and social landmarks, reflecting Egypt’s rich Islamic heritage. Anyone visiting Cairo should make it a point to visit these iconic mosques and witness their grandeur and beauty firsthand.

Prayer Times in Cairo

Namaz times in Cairo for May 2024

Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha

Frequently Asked Questions about Salah

What time is the Fajr morning prayer starts in Cairo?

The time of Fajr prayer in Cairo is performed today from 04:25 to 05:58 hours

When can I pray Dhuhr Namaz in Cairo today?

The time of Dhuhr namaz (Midday Salah) in Cairo is starting at 12:52 and ending at 17:42 o'clock

What time is Asr salah time today in Cairo?

Asr time starts at 17:42 and goes out at 19:46 o'clock

When Azan calling Maghrib time in Cairo today?

The Maghrib prayer times in Cairo today: 19:46 - 21:13

What are the timings for Isha salah today in Cairo?

Adhan calling for Isha time will be at 21:13 o'clock today
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