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Reliable schedule of prayer times for Umluj, Saudi Arabia for today and the current month - . The exact start time of each five mandatory prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) is calculated according to the Muslim World League method. Asr-Salah period is determined according to Hanafi Madhhab. You can change the calculation methods used in the .

About Namaz and Prayer Times in Umluj

Namaz, also known as Salah or prayer, is a fundamental religious practice for Muslims. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and holds great importance in the lives of Muslims. Namaz is a way to establish a connection with Allah, seek His guidance, and express gratitude.

In Umluj, a beautiful coastal city in Saudi Arabia, Muslims have the opportunity to engage in prayer and fulfill their religious obligations. Umluj is known for its stunning beaches, rich marine life, and serene atmosphere. It offers a tranquil environment that allows Muslims to find peace and solace during their prayers.

Muslims are required to pray five times a day, known as Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. These prayer times are determined based on the position of the sun, and they vary slightly each day due to the changing seasons. In Umluj, the prayer times may differ from other cities or countries depending on the geographical location.

To keep track of the prayer times in Umluj, Muslims rely on various resources. One of the most common tools is a prayer timetable, which provides the precise timing for each prayer. These timetables can be obtained from local mosques, Islamic centers, or online sources. Muslims can also use smartphone applications or other digital platforms that offer accurate prayer timings specifically for Umluj.

Once the prayer time arrives, Muslims find a clean and quiet space to perform their prayers. This can be done at home, in the workplace, or at the local mosque. The act of prayer involves various physical movements, recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, and supplication to Allah. It is a deeply personal and spiritual experience for each individual.

The mosque in Umluj serves as a gathering place for Muslims to perform congregational prayers, particularly the Friday prayer, known as Jumu’ah. The mosque not only provides a space for worship but also serves as a hub for the Muslim community, hosting educational events, lectures, and other social activities.

In Umluj, Muslims find solace in the practice of Namaz, as it allows them to connect with their faith and seek spiritual fulfillment. It is a time for reflection, gratitude, and seeking forgiveness. Through prayer, Muslims strive to align their lives with the teachings of Islam and strengthen their relationship with Allah.

Overall, Namaz holds great significance for Muslims in Umluj and plays a vital role in their daily lives. It serves as a reminder of their faith, a source of strength, and a means to attain spiritual tranquility.

Where to pray in Umluj

Umluj, a beautiful coastal town located in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia, is known for its pristine beaches, stunning coral reefs, and rich cultural heritage. As with any traditional Saudi Arabian town, mosques hold a significant place in the daily lives of Umluj’s residents. These places of worship not only cater to the spiritual needs of the local Muslim population but also serve as important community centers.

1. Al-Masjid Al-Jami

Also known as Umluj Grand Mosque, Al-Masjid Al-Jami is the largest and most important mosque in Umluj. It is situated in the heart of the town and can accommodate a large number of worshipers. This beautiful mosque showcases traditional Saudi Arabian architecture with its white walls, domes, and minarets. The mosque is not only a site for daily congregational prayers but also hosts Friday sermons, Quranic recitation classes, and other religious gatherings.

2. Al-Masjid Al-Rahman

Another prominent mosque in Umluj is Al-Masjid Al-Rahman. It is situated in the Al-Rahman neighborhood and serves as a hub for the local community. This mosque has a spacious prayer hall, separate ablution facilities for men and women, and well-maintained surroundings. It provides a serene and peaceful environment for worship, allowing residents and visitors to connect with their faith.

3. Al-Masjid Al-Ihsan

Located in the Al-Ihsan neighborhood, Al-Masjid Al-Ihsan is a smaller mosque that serves the local community. Despite its size, this mosque is well-maintained and plays an essential role in facilitating daily prayers for residents living nearby. It offers a sense of tranquility and unity among worshipers.

4. Al-Masjid Al-Nur

Al-Masjid Al-Nur is a smaller mosque that can be found in the Al-Nur neighborhood of Umluj. With its simple yet elegant design, it provides a peaceful atmosphere for worshipers. The mosque serves as a gathering place for locals to foster a strong sense of community, allowing residents to come together and connect with one another.

5. Al-Masjid Al-Salam

Al-Masjid Al-Salam is located in the Al-Salam neighborhood of Umluj. It is a well-kept mosque that offers regular prayer services and serves as a central point for various religious activities. The mosque plays a pivotal role in preserving the Islamic values and teachings within the community.

These are just a few examples of the mosques that can be found in Umluj. The town boasts numerous other smaller mosques, each catering to the needs of specific neighborhoods or communities. These mosques not only provide a space for prayer but also serve as centers for educational programs, community events, and social gatherings. They play a vital role in nurturing a strong sense of religious identity and unity among the residents of Umluj.

Visitors to Umluj are often welcomed to visit these mosques, respecting the local customs and adhering to the rules and regulations set by the authorities. Exploring these places of worship allows visitors to appreciate the rich Islamic heritage and experience the warm hospitality of the local community.

In conclusion, Umluj is home to several mosques that are not only places of worship but also important community centers. These mosques reflect the traditional Saudi Arabian architecture and provide residents with a space for prayer, learning, and socializing. Exploring these mosques while visiting Umluj can offer an insightful experience into the religious and cultural aspects of the local community.

Prayer Times in Umluj

Namaz times in Umluj for May 2024

Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha

Frequently Asked Questions about Salah

What time is the Fajr morning prayer starts in Umluj?

The time of Fajr prayer in Umluj is performed today from 04:18 to 05:44 hours

When can I pray Dhuhr Namaz in Umluj today?

The time of Dhuhr namaz (Midday Salah) in Umluj is starting at 12:28 and ending at 17:09 o'clock

What time is Asr salah time today in Umluj?

Asr time starts at 17:09 and goes out at 19:11 o'clock

When Azan calling Maghrib time in Umluj today?

The Maghrib prayer times in Umluj today: 19:11 - 20:32

What are the timings for Isha salah today in Umluj?

Adhan calling for Isha time will be at 20:32 o'clock today
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